About Us

INTRO (Israeli Networking Organization)  is the community of Israeli professionals in Silicon Valley High-Tech. INTRO was founded in 2009 to help Israeli professionals grow their businesses and careers - through mutual support and assistance.

Israel is a technology superpower, and Israelis in Silicon Valley are among the best minds Israel has to offer. INTRO’s goal is to support our members when they’re looking for new opportunities. We do this by connecting members with each other - and by introducing the top companies in SIlicon Valley to our members.

Knowledge sharing is another key goal for INTRO. All members can benefit from the wisdom and experience of others. To increase knowledge sharing, INTRO holds multiple workshops each year where members can interactively explore areas of potential disruption - blockchain, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence and more. INTRO also facilitates multiple clubs for CEOs, CTOs, Software Engineers, Product Managers and Life Sciences, where members help each other on a daily basis and in monthly meetings.

Many of INTRO members are entrepreneurs and work at fast growing startups. We’ve made it our community’s mission to support these hard working individuals and companies and assist them in making the initial connections to customers, investors and employees.

INTRO is a non-profit organization with over 2000 members, and run entirely by volunteers and supported by sponsors.